Christmas @ The Tower

Sep 15, 2021

Because nothing marks an event like dining 100’ in the air!

Those wonderful, green summer leaves have started to desaturate to an alarmingly autumnal yellow.

After a season as hot as we had, it may feel like summer still has legs, but those long days and evenings are fast disappearing. That means it’s time to turn our sights to the next big event: Christmas Parties!

While it might seem a tad early to start planning your business Christmas Party now, believe us when we say many folks are doing the very same thing. And, if you want to finish this year off right, and get the whole office back on the same page, you can’t wait until November and expect to reserve the space you want.

To ensure you reserve the perfect spot for your crew to finish this dizzying year off right, you should book right now.

City lights are Christmas lights

You could book your Christmas party anywhere, from the restaurant next door to an employee’s home. With the right effort, and a lot of planning, you can make any place feel special.

Or, with nothing more than a call, you can celebrate in style at The Water Tower.

Designed as a space for celebration, The Water Tower Grill & Bar has hosted every celebration – from graduation parties to intimate get-togethers. 

Your experience starts with the red carpet treatment as you step inside and take the elevator to the sky. Once at the top, the doors open to reveal a restaurant that feels instantly special. However, the real treat comes once you can see the view from your table. 

At the Water Tower, your party will get the best Christmas light display in the whole city – from the winking lights of City Hall, to the twinkling stars in the sky.

Take a virtual tour of your options

No matter the size of your company or your budget, The Water Tower has a Christmas Party option for you. We have three separate areas, each with its own unique charm and benefits that will help you make the most of your Christmas party.

Choose from:

  • The first-level lounge
  • The second-level restaurant
  • The cosy, third-level banquet room

If you’re unsure which area will work best for your party, take a virtual tour of our space right now.

The heart of Christmas: The Feast

No matter which area you choose, you’ll have access to our innovative bartenders as well as our talented chefs.

Together, we can work to create a seasonal feast that everyone will enjoy, from vegans and vegetarians to gluten-intolerant and omnivores. And, with our in-house pastry chef, we can create desserts as awe-inspiring as our main courses.

A Christmas fast approaching

After a long, difficult year of remote work, Zoom meetings and socially distanced everything, it’s time to get back together again – government guidelines permitting of course.

With a Christmas party at the Water Tower, you can bring everyone together once again and really feel – and celebrate – the spirit of the season.

–> Book your Christmas Party today!

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