New Tastes at The Water Tower

Jun 15, 2020

3 savoury new dishes you have to try

Spring is sprung, and while nature’s getting its makeover, we’ve decided to do a makeover of our own here at The Watertower Grill and Bar. We’ve combed through our menu, kept the fan-favourites, and pulled a few dishes to make way for some sure-fire hits.

Our chef put a lot of work into creating new dishes we think you’ll love, so we’ve decided a little introduction is in order.

Without further ado, here are three new favourites from The Water Tower menu…


1. Appy – Cocktail De Camarones

We went pretty far south for inspiration with this dish – all the way to Mexico in fact. Spanish for shrimp cocktail, this is our chef’s take on the classic appy. When we did the menu makeover, we knew we had to have shrimp cocktail on the menu. After all,  it’s one of the most perfect finger foods available, and it’s great to share. However, we didn’t want to just re-hash the mid-century dish. 

Instead of following the well-worn path, our chef reached out for more international flavours, which is how we (metaphorically) got to Mexico. Foregoing the traditional ‘dip your shrimp’ cocktail, we’ve tossed those juicy crustaceans right into our version of a zesty cocktail sauce to marinate with jalapeños, cucumbers and cilantro. Then, we serve it with warm homemade tortilla chips (betcha can’t eat just one!) to make the transition from sauce to bite easy and clean.

2. Casual – Smoked Brisket

 BBQ Brisket Sandwich

We’re moving a little further north with this dish (but just a bit). When we started taking a closer look at fan-favourites at The Water Tower, a theme came up: beef. Unsurprisingly, we Southern Albertans love our high-quality, juicy beef, and that’s why we’ve added another ‘beef-centric’ dish to the line-up.

Inspired by southern BBQ notes, but made with classic, Benchmark Angus Alberta beef, our smoked brisket is smothered in a secret, house-made BBQ sauce and topped with tangy apple coleslaw on a soft brioche bun. It’s the ultimate comfort food after a long day at the office, or in the field, and it pairs nicely with a bottle of red – Rickard’s Red, that is. Is your mouth watering yet?

3. Signature – Suprême de Volaille


It’s hard to escape the impact French culture has on food. From those light-as-air croissants to the foundational ‘mother sauces’, those je ne sais quoi flavours are hard to beat. So, we knew we wanted something to honour that history and flavour on our latest menu.

Et Voila, le Suprême de Volaille, or in English: Chicken Supreme. To make our poultry ‘supreme’, we start by chargrilling a chicken breast then pour over a hot, house-made mushroom sauce and ???? – c’est bon. Seasonal vegetables and herbed baby potatoes round out the dish for a fragrant, flavourful, and very traditional plate.

International inspiration meets local ingredients

We’re very excited here at The Water Tower Grill and Bar to see how our guests react to our new dishes. Though we’ve taken inspiration from around the world, our ingredients hail from much closer to home. 

This allows each of our guests to experience new worlds of taste while supporting farmers at home and getting the best, freshest ingredients available. That, to us, is a win-win-win situation!

We hope you’ll come by to try out our new dishes and offer constructive feedback so we can keep making our menu better and better!

See you soon.

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